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Normanby Aberdeen Angus


All beef sold is home bred and grass reared Aberdeen Angus or Lincoln Red. Both breeds are renowned for the high eating quality of their beef, especially when reared on grass alone.

Animals are slaughtered and butchered locally to minimise discomfort and stress which  affects the quality of the meat. All joints, including mince, are vacuum packed and labelled.

The meat may be purchased in two ways:

Freezer packs

Pre-ordered trays, ¼ of side, full range of joints, mince – fillet.
Chilled, for immediate collection. 

Individual joints 

Available frozen. Contact us to purchase.

Fillet steak          Brisket/chine
Sirloin                   Stewing Steak
Rump                    Braising Steak
Silverside      Topside/buttock

Shin   Skirt   Heart   Liver
Kidney   Oxtail   Tongue
Flat Iron Steaks

Burgers 1/4lb, gluten-free, msg-free, seasoned with sea salt & cracked black pepper.
Made to order

Beef stock / gravy

Prepared Frozen Fruit

All home-grown, cook-ready, for jam, crumble, pies, sauces, add to yogurt or ice cream.
(subject to availability)

Bramley apple, sweet Discovery apple, plum, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currants, pears, cherries.


From ‘Happy Hens’


We offer a choice of fresh vegetables in season.

For more details please contact