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Normanby Aberdeen Angus

Normanby Aberdeen Angus

Established in 2008 in the historic hamlet of Normanby, we are a small herd on 60 acres of grassland using artificial insemination (AI) almost exclusively. Occasionally, if an animal is scanned and found to not be in calf, we may use a home bred sweeper bull.

Cattle are fed on grass and hay with very little concentrate, particularly loving forage from an ancient field of meadow grass. Our system allows them to be outside on a small area in the winter if they wish and also allows handling with a minimum of stress. Calves stay on their mothers until bulls and heifers have to be separated at 6-9 months.

We select for easy calving, growth, muscle, and milky dams, aiming to produce meat of the highest quality. The best modern AA bulls, selected for AI use on published (ABRI) data, can provide all these qualities. (ABRI is the Agricultural Business Research Institute, Armidale, NSW, Australia used by AA Breedplan).

We also have a small number of Lincoln Reds, in support of the local breed.

We both have a scientific background and are very conscious of environmental issues. Our well managed grassland is making an important contribution to the essential removal of carbon dioxide from the biosphere. Animals for meat are taken to the nearest local abattoir and butcher to minimise stress and use of fossil fuel.

We manage our hedges with a minimum of trimming and have improved them by planting many trees and attracted many different birds. Whilst we follow many organic principles, we use no artificial fertilisers and have introduced clover and herbs into the grassland, we find it necessary to control thistles with herbicide from a knapsack sprayer.

We have been able to maintain ‘Elite Health‘ status for many years as we are surrounded by arable farms, rarely buy in and then only after negative blood tests and only breeding females.

We are monitored by Biobest for the Cattle Health Certification Standards Scheme being certified free of BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Risk Level 1 for Johne’s Disease. We are in a 4-year Bovine TB testing area. We are monitored by SAI Global for Red Tractor Certified Standards and so are ‘Farm Assured’.

We do not take our cattle to agricultural shows so images on this site show them in their ‘working clothes’.

We are 6 miles from Gainsborough, 12 miles from Lincoln, 22 miles from Newark and easily accessible from junctions on the A1(M) between Newark and Doncaster. Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement.

East Farm
Normanby by Stow
DN21 5LQ

01427 788629